Replay – Yakuza 0

    by Alex Van Aken on Jan 29, 2021 at 01:50 PM

    With the Yakuza Remastered Collection hitting Game Pass this week, we thought it'd be a great time to revisit the story that starts it all: Yakuza 0! Developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios and published by Sega, Yakuza 0 is an action-adventure JRPG that follows the story of Kazuma Kiryu, a young crime family member who is framed and suspected of murder in a contested part of Tokyo. Being the sixth title in the main series, the game serves as a prequel to Yakuza Kiwami, which was a remake of the first game.

    If all of that sounds exciting to you, then be sure to watch this live episode of Replay, wherein the Game Informer crew explores all that 80s-style Kamurocho has to offer. If you can't get enough of our live shows, remember to subscribe on YouTube and Twitch to get notified when we go live each week! Thanks and enjoy the show!

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    Andrew Reiner, Jeff Cork, & Blake Hester contributed to this article.