Replay is Game Informer’s weekly journey into the rich history of video games. GI editors dust off games from every genre and platform imaginable in an attempt to recapture the magic of the games we’ve all grown up with. Join us every Friday at 2pm CST to relive fond (and not so fond) memories from gaming’s glorious past.


Replay – From Software's Otogi Series

Before Demon's Souls effectively established the tone of game From Software would focus on almost exclusively, the Otogi series explored some of the ideas that would later become its signature punishing style.

Replay – Braid

The Game Informer crew plays through the entirety of this time-bending puzzle/platformer that helped usher in a new era of indie games.

Replay – Tactics Ogre

The Game Informer crew is joined by a guest who takes us on an emotional journey through this beloved turn-based strategy game.